Best Bedridden Care Service

At Universal Elder Care has a highly-professional and compassionate team of home care providers especially trained to provide excellent, life-improving home care for bedridden seniors, regardless of their prognosis. We work together with the advice of your loved one’s doctors to help them achieve a good quality of life, even when they’re on bed rest. we can provide the services during the difficult time such as Hygiene Care, Bedding Changes, Keeping the Bed Comfortable and Companionship.

Our team is trained to gently and effectively help bedridden seniors with bed baths, diapering, toileting and daily clothing changes. Keeping your loved one clean and dry is essential to helping them feel more comfortable and ensuring their dignity. It also cuts down on bacterial infections. We can help them with teeth brushing, hair cleaning and brushing, shaving, etc. It’s surprising how much better everyone feels when they’re freshly clean and dressed.

Daily bedding changes are often a necessity for bedridden seniors. Keeping the sheets and blankets clean and dust free, ensuring that the mattress is has a waterproof covering and that the bed is comfortable for your loved one is important.

If you’ve ever been stuck in bed sick for a day or two, you know how helpless and frustrated you felt about the situation. So, when a senior loved one in your family has a health condition that puts them on long-term bed rest, there is plenty of strain to go around:

  • They feel helpless, isolated, frustrated and sorry to be a burden on the family. Depression can set in, which can slow their recovery process.
  • Family caregivers may feel exhausted, sad and struggle with being able to provide all the proper care they want to provide for their loved one while still staying emotionally strong.

If your loved one cannot effectively move him or herself into different positions on the bed, there is a real danger of bed sores, back pain and increased stiffness. Our professional home care team regularly helps your loved one change positions regularly to prevent these problems. Under the direction of the doctor or therapist, we also help seniors do gentle bed stretches and massage to help improve circulation and relieve stiffness. Using pillows and therapeutic cushions to relieve pressure points also improves comfort, and we are there to help your loved one achieve the maximum comfort possible.

One of the hardest things for family caregivers is having to balance work with caring for their senior loved one, especially when they are bedridden. And bedridden seniors often feel terrible loneliness and depression. At Home Personal Care’s senior care team can lighten these heavy burdens by being there when you can’t be. We can provide conversation, read books, watch movies, listen to music, play games and just be there to listen. We understand how hard it is, and we can help.

“ Universal Elder Care provides well-furnished and equipped accommodation that would help the senior citizens to feel comfortable as they are at home. Qualified nurses are available 24x7 for Bed patient care and also, they help the senior citizens in all their basic activities such as eating, bathing etc. We provide hygienic food as well as peaceful environment in and around our old age home. Qualified persons are available to provide services like bed patient. We are specially known for their family like atmosphere. ”

Caring for a bedridden patient can be difficult, and requires a great deal of patience and understanding. Most of these patients have a hard time adjusting to this lifestyle and may develop significant health problems. As a service provider, we have responsibility to help the patient adjust – both physically and mentally. We also help the patient with numerous daily tasks.

For Bedridden patient care, we give you a trained nurse, and every 15 days once our clinical team contact you for Feedback and the patient’s health our customer care service also called you for the feedback.